The Power of Magic!

Thank you to everyone who supported Shalom Park Presents, our 2017 Annual Fundraising Event. The event was a huge success!

We were privileged to celebrate the continued support of the Perlmutter Family: Jordon, of blessed memory, and Essie Perlmutter, along with their family – Lisa and Shell Cook, Jay and Lisa Perlmutter, Vicki and David Dansky, and Jonathan and Lisa Perlmutter. They have all been instrumental in helping us Honor Our Mothers and Our Fathers throughout the years. With the support of the Perlmutter Family, the Shalom Park Nursing Home has been able to provide dignity, comfort, and exceptional care to all who call Shalom Park home.

Please stop by the Celebrate the Perlmutter Family Tribute page and express your gratitude and appreciation of the Perlmutter Family.